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The Goodreads Killer - Dave Franklin Disclaimer:- Before I begin let me state that the review which follows contains no sarcastic remarks, does not mock or make an indirect statement in context of the subject matter. Oh and there are no nasty comments alluding to the author's behavior or personal life either even though, ironically, he seems to be at perfect liberty to incorporate distasteful imagery and remarks involving Goodreads reviewers in his "book"!

This book did not offend me as much as I thought it would. However, it reminded me of all those unpleasant experiences of receiving comments on some of my 1-star reviews by people asking me whether I have written a best-selling book.

According to this logic-challenged crowd, this means that I need to write a best-selling book before I get to review a best-selling book.
Which makes about as much sense as Hitler's reasoning behind killing Jews did.

And this is precisely what this book tells me -
"They've become an army of super weeds, intent on strangling superior life forms."

Please note that any author is a superior life form just because he/she has published a book and the reviewers are worthless living entities because they have not.
"We all get shit thrown at us by jealous little wannabes. It goes with the territory."

Meaning reviewers are wannabes who actually wish to be as 'successful' as the authors they write negative reviews of and, possibly, they write these negative reviews out of dormant envy.

I was hoping not to mention the new GR review policy since much has already been said and written on the issue, but I can't help mentioning it in this regard since the book under discussion contains the theme of enforcing penalties for the "crime" of writing strongly-worded reviews.

The points of contention in both these cases is the freedom of speech.

There are books like 50 Shades and Twilight which have offended me to death - Twilight which could be conveniently renamed 'Plain Jane's Guide to snagging a rich and attractive man' and 50 Shades which could be renamed 'How to sell away your dignity to a sadomasochist'. These books have given me headaches and infuriated me with their latent misogynistic and sexist overtures (another case in point, in this respect, being the hordes of new adult books which are such a raging publishing phenomenon now and are nothing but modified versions of cheap erotica novels featuring a young adult couple). And yet I have neither imagined hunting down those authors and murdering them nor tying them up and slapping them with pig testicles let alone writing out a silly 'revenge fantasy' involving writers I hate without a shred of humor in it.

Because as much as I believe that young girls of impressionable age should not be allowed to read abominations such as 50 Shades and Twilight (since both glorify extremely disturbing relationship dynamics between a man and woman) and books written in a similar vein, I have never had crazy fantasies of killing their authors or causing them any harm.

Because that is the whole point of this censorship debate which has raged over the last week on Goodreads. Letting conflicting, dichotomous opinions co-exist side by side is the civilized way of doing things.

I hate these books and I despise writers who write about the most cliched, unrealistic, nauseating romantic relationships featuring obnoxious male chauvinists and dumb female protagonists just for the sake of making a quick buck. But I do not for a second question the right of these authors to write whatever they wish to, since apparently they have a market and a reader base.
So why would someone even think of depriving reviewers of their right to say what they want to say exactly the way they want to say it?

And more despicable than these new adult, erotica novels is a book which has the nerve to chastise(threaten?) reviewers for bluntly stating what they really feel - a book which has no redeeming characteristics and is not even remotely funny.

When you are writing a book and publishing it, it is no longer your own. You are letting it out in the world for people to judge and provide you with feedback. Learn to accept that feedback (whatever it is), draw lessons and move on.
And if you can't take it, please keep all the published copies in your personal library for only you to admire for the rest of your life.

2 stars because the writing isn't THAT bad in my opinion.

P.S.:- I read the whole book. Yes I endured all the meaninglessly thrown in badly written sex scenes.

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