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Youth Gone Wild 1

Youth Gone Wild 1 - Nicky  Lee Youth Gone Wild gave me my first taste of Taiwanese manhua and boy did I enjoy it or what? Despite being a mash-up of genres such as music (death metal to be specific), shoujo, romance, slice of life Lee Nicky manages to explore all the aspects of every one of them and deliver a story, peppy and engrossing enough to keep the reader on his/her toes. The excruciating wait every month for a new scanlated chapter to release was a pain but worth going through since I was never disappointed with the turn of events. I think it ended a bit too soon for my liking since with a bunch of characters as lovable and multi-dimensional as Wang Xiang, Shang Guan, Zhi Gao, Ya Ting, Xiao Jie, Luo Kai and Vivien this series could've continued in the way as Bleach or Naruto have, in Japan. But thinking back, the mangaka could not have done anything more with the story and the resolution of all conflicts was more or less satisfying. Although I'm a tad unhappy with how little attention was bestowed on Zhi Gao. Nicky could've done more with him except making him stay in the background as a mute spectator most of the times. He had the most complex and grim story-line of all and he could've been given a better ending in my opinion.
Barring all that, this manhua is near perfect. Last but not the least, I must mention the artwork which was unbelievably gorgeous and breath-taking. Lee Nicky, I'll be watching out for all your works from now on.

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