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OOPS! 'I' fell in love! just by chance...

OOPS! 'I' fell in love! just by chance... - Harsh Snehanshu Interesting how among the numerous labels GR users have tagged this with, 'disgusting-novels' is one. That should speak for itself.

In response to a question like 'why on earth would you read something with such a horrible title?', I'd say that I only managed to read about 3 pages of this drivel (Oh wait calling this drivel will be an affront to the term 'drivel') before being seized by a mad urge to hurl the book right out the window. I reined in that urge somehow since I harbor a lot of respect for the printed page irrespective of its content. Also in my defense, an enthusiastic classmate thrust a copy of this into my unsuspecting hands a few years ago, knowing I was a reader and would perhaps like this. *shudder*
It was a free period to boot and I was terribly bored. Hence do not judge me too 'harsh'ly for this.

Not rating this, since giving it 1 star would be giving it one star too many.

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