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The Mysterious Island (Modern Library Classics) - Jules Verne, Jordan Stump, Caleb Carr I can't remember the number of times I have re-read this Verne masterpiece and discovered something new every time I had. In fact, my book has become so frayed around the edges over the years that I fear I won't be able to open it anymore without being afraid of ruining the pages or the cover for good.
Trying to recollect my feelings when I read the book for the first time ever seems a bit of a humongous task. But I can't possibly forget the rush of adrenaline and intense emotions, joy and thrill that inhabitants of Lincoln Island and their numerous adventures gave me - be it while hunting game in the forests, or rescuing Captain Harding, building a boat for a voyage to an island close by, fending off an attack by pirates, making priceless discoveries like finding a hint of sulphur in a nearby spring or even a massive block of granite (which was to become their home later on). Every time I have started reading it, I have been sucked right into the core of the tale, the predicament of the castaways and their struggle against the forces of nature and their quest for survival and felt like I was one of them.
This book would've been my most favorite Verne novel without any competition whatsoever if I had not read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. But being torn between these two books, wondering which one edges past the other in terms of adventure or plot or characters or backdrop or scientific information is a sweet dilemma to have.
Will read it again and again and again and again....

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