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The Great Gatsby - Matthew J. Bruccoli, F. Scott Fitzgerald If I had to pick a "Great American Novel" as my favorite, it definitely won't be The Great Gatsby. It will either be To Kill a Mockingbird or The Grapes of Wrath both of which highlighted extremely relevant social/socio-economic issues at the time of their publication. And in a way, these issues are still plaguing America in the present day.
So fans of this novel, please excuse me when I say I fail to see the logic behind The Great Gatsby being given the epithet of the 'Great American Novel'. So it revolves around a love story and rich bootleggers throwing glamorous parties and a bunch of morally ambiguous people having a good time. And it tries to present a picture of the affluent American communities which made much of their wealth during the prosperous 'Roaring Twenties', the period just preceding The Great Depression. That's not enough for it to secure a permanent place in my all-time-favorites list.
However Fitzgerald's undeniably brilliant narration and way with words have increased my respect for this novel exponentially. So much so that I'm giving it a 4 star rating. Besides Gatsby and his undying, (almost)one-sided love for a woman won my heart. Budding writers will learn a lot from this book, especially how to make the narration charming, witty and elegant at the same time.
And so at the end of the day, this one remains a true classic. Will definitely read some of other Fitzgerald's works.

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