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What I Did for Love: A Novel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips And once again Susan Elizabeth Philips delivers her trademark irresistible concoction of a pair of lovable leads, a scrumptious story, charming repartee and endearing supporting characters. The only difference this novel has from other standard SEP fare is that this is her take on the Jennifer Anniston-Brangelina scandal. Right from the onset she provides us with clues which are enough to make you comprehend that her Georgie York is Anniston and Jade Gentry is Angelina Jolie- the do-gooder bombshell beauty who may go all over the world for the sake of charity but has no qualms about stealing another woman's husband. This book is mainly about the novel version of Anniston finding her own forever after and the happy ending that the author designates for her is too delicious to pass up on. The only con-it could've been cut short in length.

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