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First Drop of Crimson - Jeaniene Frost Here's the deal with Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress novels and me. I hate the books in comparison to other better paranormal romances I've read but then she conjures up these very British, mouth-wateringly sexy male protagonists out of thin air and her imagination and I get over my misgivings and potential blunting of my intellect in a jiffy.
Even though I currently like this book, I'm sure I'll start hating myself for reading it in about a few hours. It's like eating a pound of Black Forest cake because you couldn't resist temptation and then cursing yourself for it, thinking of the impending weight gain.

So this is a spin-off novel based on the Cat-Bones Night Huntress series, focusing on the story of Denise McGregor, Cat's best friend and her romance with His Royal Hotness, Spade or Charles DeMortimer, a former Baron and present vampire buddy to Bones.
Don't expect this book to actually have a story or to be free from cliches because if you do, you'll be in for severe disappointment.

Tormented vampire with a sobstory of a past human life - check
Tormented heroine with a sobstory of a present life - check
Heroine turning into a lethal paranormal being from just a plain human - check
Hot romance - check
More than just perfect, absolutely yummilicious hero- check

Well what else do you need? If you were looking for life lessons, philosophy, history, mythology or a story with emotional depth, you wouldn't be reading a paranormal romance right?

Why I liked this book over the Night Huntress novels :- Spade is much better a hero than Bones in my opinion. As initially Bones was quite rough with Cat whereas Spade reminds you of the word 'chivalry' which seems to have vanished from use due its lack of relevance in the present day.
Also I liked the fact that Spade and Denise's story ends in one book without carrying on forever like Cat and Bones'.

True rating :- 3 stars
Very biased rating because of the very gorgeous model masquerading as Spade on the cover:- 4 stars
Yes, I've a tendency to be shallow sometimes.

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