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Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return - Marjane Satrapi, Anjali Singh Didn't move me the way the first part did. I couldn't exactly relate to Marji and her problems. On one hand she grew up into a liberal, headstrong, take-no-shit-from-others kind of woman, while on the other she was insensitive enough to get an innocent man arrested just to protect herself from being caught wearing make-up. And here I was thinking she didn't care for make-up and outward appearances. She repeatedly contradicted herself and her own opinions and yet had the gall to assume a predominantly self-flattering tone while portraying herself in this novel.
And Marji aside, this book did not focus on Iran as much as it did on Marji's personal life and that made it infinitely less interesting. Besides, what's the deal with her grandma saying 'A first marriage is only a dry run for the second.'?
I am myself a woman of the 21st century living in the largest democracy of the world and criticisms aside, I believe it does manage to live up to its reputation as a nation with more or less liberal ideals. But I would never view a marriage in such a nonchalant, irreverent fashion. A marriage is not a social experiment or a dry run for anything. I am not against divorce, but I believe that should be the way out when a marriage no longer works or is irrevocably over. A way out doesn't necessarily give us the right to view a social institution with so much disrespect.

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