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Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1) - Isaac Marion I picked up this book after coming across the movie trailer (psssst!) which had more than sparked my curiosity.
Another parody of Twilight? Twilight-meets-post-apocalyptic-world-overrun-by-zombies? Oh boy I had to find out because it looked promising.
But a few pages into it and I was ready to give it up since the author's writing style left a lot to be desired. Then I grew determined, strengthened my resolve to hold out hope for the book and before long I was sucked into the story.

Zombies have never really appealed to me. I have always judiciously avoided zombie movies because gore and blood splattering do not entertain me in the least. Then I watched Zombieland(which was such an intelligently made parody) and then came the record-breaking, TRP-generating massive hit show The Walking Dead and I couldn't hold myself back from the world of man-eat-man anymore. I understood a zombie movie or a tv series or even a graphic novel did not always have to revolve around the mindless violence and could center around the drama, the suspense instead.
Warm Bodies cements my love for zombies into a more or less permanent bond. (I won't judge them so harshly anymore. Poor brain-devouring, lonely souls that they are!) Because it gives the whole concept of survival-of-the-living-by-fighting-off-the-dead a new twist by making the zombie the protagonist and portraying the living as villains instead. The author deserves praise simply for the novelty of the concept if not for anything else. I'd also like to accolade him for not trying to sugar-coat things. He gives us a raw glimpse into R's bestiality, his struggle to cope with the changes after Julie's arrival in his life, his moments of confusion and what I loved the most about the book, he tries to keep R and Julie's romance a mostly subtle affair without writing any sexual scenes between them. It proves the fact that he did not wish to cater to the morbid sexual fantasies of people wanting to read about a zombie getting it on with a human girl. And he has my respect for that.
Although, I have a bone to pick with the flow of the language which made me cringe at places where the author's descriptions and his choice of similes were either inadequate or inappropriate. But then again I've read much worse.

P.S.:--Definitely planning to watch the movie now. I hope the screenplay-writer doesn't screw it up by inserting unnecessary cliches.

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