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Quitters, Inc - Stephen King,  Eric Roberts No one does creepy better than Stephen King.

How far would you go to quit an addiction?
What happens when the stakes are upped so much that there is no other alternative but to quit?
Are you ready to face the consequences of your lack of dedication to a cause?

Initially, I wasn't a big fan of the kind of horror Stephen King writes. But he drew me in eventually.
It's like I hate the man for writing such gruesome stories and love him for the kind of effect he has on his readers, including me. His skillful narration pulls you in when you are least expecting it and suddenly you are under his spell, unable to get away of your own volition. Stephen King books are dark, dreary, depressing and every shade of grisly there is. King has the uncanny ability of invading the farthest nooks and corners of your mind, where your most basic fears reside in a state of hibernation. And then poking and prodding them till they awake and raise their seemingly innocuous heads, transform into menacing monsters and threaten to engulf you as a whole. That is what his works do to me, at least.

Quitter's Inc is no different. A short story but the impact created is no less terrifying than any of the standard Stephen King novels. And the horror bit aside, it gives out a very strong message on addiction, the significance of quitting and having the strength to choose what's good for you.
'Cause if you don't quit, Lord help you! *sinister smile*

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