Musings of a Bibliomaniac

Goodreads immigrant. Another victim of corporate tyranny. I blog at Musings of a Bibliomaniac along with my co-blogger Scarlet.


Well hello there! For people who cannot recognize me from Goodreads (as if the picture wasn't a dead giveaway), I am Samadrita aka Sam. But not Samandrita. There's no "n" in my name. Please to take note. I have also been sent a formal mail by Netgalley staff (a low IQ intern no doubt) where they have even addressed me as 'Samantha'. Just my luck not having a White/Christian woman's name.


People mispronounce my name all the time in here because my name is an uncommon one even by Indian standards. But um a misspelling is a little too much I suppose.


I read a lot. I review a lot and I am always up for a meaningful discussion. And I don't hesitate to put trolls in their place either.


I made an account here just in case Goodreads went all bonkers and threw me out. It has been doing a pretty good job of pissing off regular reviewers so far. I will probably be more active on my blog and cross-post all my reviews and bookish entries here as well. Actually I don't know anything yet. But I am hoping I'll figure it out eventually.

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